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New Suspension Option

New Suspension Option for Transfemoral Amputees The WillowWood One System, launched in April 2015, now provides transfemoral amputees a choice in suspension methods without sacrificing reliability and security.  The WillowWood One System may now be used as a suction socket.

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Prosthetic Advancement

Prosthetic Advancement Helps Father of 3 Enjoy Life Again Josh Green has been an amputee almost his entire life. Born with his tibia, fibula, and femur fused together, he underwent a transfemoral (above-knee) amputation when he was only four years

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A Successful Collaboration

A Successful Collaboration to Improve Transfemoral Sockets Transfemoral (TF) amputees face numerous disadvantages compared to those with a transtibial (TT) amputation. In addition to the issues that are common to all lower limb amputees, such as volume changes and perspiration,

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