The WillowWood One® System incorporates advances in prosthetic technology and seal design to improve fit, function, and comfort of transfemoral prosthetic sockets. The system prevents the prosthesis from loosening or detaching from the residual limb as well as preventing the limb from rotating within the socket.

This superior suspension results from each element of the system working together.

Alpha Liner

Two liner options are available for use with the WillowWood One System: the fabricless Alpha SmartTemp Liner or the Alpha Duo Liner.

Alpha Duo™ Lineralphaduo-single-forwebfabricless-smarttemp-forweb

  • The interior Alpha Classic® Gel with mineral oil is skin-friendly
  • Alpha Silicone® exterior provides stability and helps contain soft tissue
  • Symmetrical profile allows for liner rotation and extends the life of the liner
  • Suitable for suction suspension and elevated vacuum

Alpha SmartTemp® Liner

  • Silicone liner without fabric
  • Uses Outlast® thermal management technology
  • Regulates residual limb temperature
  • Protects the residual limb
  • Easy donning; no lubricants required

One Gel Sockwillowwood-one-gel-sock

  • Worn over liner at distal end of limb
  • Tacky inner surface holds sock in place
  • Provides air wick to establish vacuum
  • Length can be customized to apply vacuum over as much of the limb as possible
  • Compresses limb tissue
  • Protects the liner

One Sealone-seal

  • Creates airtight seal between liner & socket
  • Accommodates proximal limb motion while maintaining a secure, comfortable seal
  • Located inside socket to reduce possibility of punctures
  • One Seal’s wave pattern seals against exposed silicone of liner
  • One Seal’s fins are held against socket wall

WWO-190-Components-RemovableBrimRemovable Brim

  • Provides proximal stability
  • Acts as an anchor for Brim Seal
  • Provides comfort by protecting against the rigid socket
  • Holds the Alignment Buttons that “lock” into socket

WWO-190-Components-AlignmentButtonsAlignment Buttons

  • Aid in consistent donning and orientation
  • Physical lock between Removable Brim and socket
  • Provide audible confirmation that system was donned correctly

WWO-190-Components-ExpulsiveValveExpulsion Valve

  • One-way valve allows air to escape for easier donning
  • Loosening the Release Plug allows air to enter for doffing

LimbLogic® (optional)

  • Maintains vacuum at desired level
  • Can switch between higher and lower vacuum level depending on whether user is moving or resting
  • Choose Side Mount or Distal Mount
  • Control LimbLogic from your iPhone or iPad


  • Protects seal inside the socket
  • Provides alignment to the system
  • Provides weight transfer to the prosthesis
  • Provides an anchor point for the LimbLogic unit
  • Provides a connection to the prosthesis
  • Is the rigid element for location all the component parts into one system


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