Who is best suited for the WillowWood One System?

The WillowWood One System was developed and designed for transfemoral amputees who comment about a lack of suspension or insecurity with their current prostheses and/or excessive sweating of the residual limb. Amputees who are community ambulators or have active lifestyles are good candidates for the WillowWood One System.

Ideal candidates for this system have a residual limb that is 7 inches (178 mm) or longer or a femoral length of 6 inches (155 mm) or longer. Reasonable hand dexterity is needed for successful use of this system, as is some degree of technological savviness, and, a willingness to incorporate an electronic device into a prosthesis.

Is this system available for bilateral patients?

The WillowWood One System is not packaged in bilateral kits.  However, WillowWood has clinically tested the system with bilateral amputees. These clinical testing participants did not have any negative experiences or safety concerns with the system.

I understand certification is required for ordering this system. Do I need to provide a certification number when I place the order?

When ordering the WillowWood One System, our customer care representatives will verify clinician certification of the system. We can check this by using either a clinician’s name or their ABC/BOC certification number. If submitting an order electronically or by fax, please include your ABC/BOC certification number on the PO.

How can I get certified to purchase and fit my patients with this system?

To best accommodate various learning styles and schedules, there are four options to become certified with the WillowWood One System.

  1. Attend a training course at WillowWood’s Education Center and participate in a one-day seminar that includes lecture and hands-on instruction of how to fit the WillowWood One System.
  2. Participate in a live, two-hour educational webinar to connect online for a clinician-led training session (via WebEx) that covers how to fit the WillowWood One System.
  3. Train at your facility with a WillowWood clinician conducting a one-day seminar. Contact your WillowWood product specialist or WillowWood’s education team at 800.848.4930 for more information about this option.
  4. WillowWood will conduct certification courses at several state, regional, and national trade shows. Visit our Calendar of Events to see which shows will have courses.
  5. COMING SOON: Learn on demand by completing a recorded, 60-minute educational webinar (via WebEx) at your convenience.

Is a fabric-covered liner compatible with this system?

No. The fabricless Alpha SmartTemp® Liner works with the One Seal to create an airtight seal for a secure fit. If the liner were fabric-covered, air would be able to enter the socket environment through the weave of the fabric and prevent an airtight seal from being achieved.

Since the liner doesn’t have any fabric, do amputees need to use a lubricant to don the liner?

No. The fabricless Alpha SmartTemp® Liner uses a proprietary coating on the exterior that eliminates the need for any lubricants when donning or doffing the liner.

Is the gel sock offered in different thicknesses?

The One Gel Sock is only offered in a single thickness, which is roughly 2 mm.

Can WillowWood create the diagnostic socket for this system?  

If desired, our Custom Solutions team is available to fabricate the WillowWood One diagnostic socket for customers. Please be aware that fabrication of the diagnostic socket is not included with the WillowWood One System and will be an additional charge.

I’d like to ship the diagnostic socket a quicker way than UPS Ground. Is there an extra charge to do so?

UPS ground shipping of the diagnostic socket is included with the WillowWood One System. Any expedited shipping services, for the diagnostic socket or the definitive socket, will be an extra expense for customers.

I can’t find the shipping label to use for sending the diagnostic socket to WillowWood. What do I do?

The return shipping label is attached to a larger sheet within the instruction packet. If the return shipping label has been misplaced, please call WillowWood’s customer care team at 800.848.4930 and we’ll help you.

Is there an expiration date for the return shipping labels for the diagnostic sockets?

No. Should you experience any issues with using the provided return shipping label, please call WillowWood’s customer care team at 800.848.4930 and we’ll assist you.

What is the turnaround time to get the definitive socket to the customer?

There is a maximum five-day lead time from receipt of the final diagnostic socket, with sagittal and coronal plane alignment lines indicated, for the fabrication of the definitive WillowWood One socket.  Shipping time is not included in this lead time. Be certain to include a completed order form with each diagnostic socket. Not including the order form could delay fabrication.

Why can’t my facility fabricate the definitive socket?

For the introduction of this system and to help ensure customers’ success for their patients, fabrication is being completed at WillowWood. We are developing a training course for fabrication. Contact our customer care team at 800.848.4930 or visit the education section of our website for course availability.

Can definitive sockets for the WillowWood One System still be personalized?

Yes. The definitive sockets for the system may be personalized with fabric or pigmented to match skin tones or with a patient’s favorite color. For personalized laminations, indicate the lamination color on the order form or include the desired fabric with the final diagnostic socket when sending to WillowWood. We’ll include the personalization in the definitive socket lamination at no extra charge.

I’m having trouble with the online order form for the definitive socket. I can open the order form in my web browser and enter information. When I save the document and open later my information doesn’t save.

Before you enter information into the order form, first download the writable PDF order form to your computer. Once downloaded, you can enter information into the form, save the PDF, and all data will remain in the document.

If you prefer to use a paper form, a printed order form is included in the instruction packet that was included in the LimbLogic box.

Is the WillowWood One System compatible with any transfemoral socket design?

Clinical testing of the WillowWood One System primarily focused on using the system with ischial containment sockets and sub-ischium sockets. Ischial containment socket designs can follow the traditional shape and proximal brim contour.  Sub-ishium socket designs also work very well with this system without creating proximal tissue bulging and compromising comfort and control.

Sockets that allow for muscular groups or compartments may compromise the system’s ability to maintain an airtight seal and are not compatible with the WillowWood One System.

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