New Suspension Option

New Suspension Option for Transfemoral Amputees

The WillowWood One System, launched in April 2015, now provides transfemoral amputees a choice in suspension methods without sacrificing reliability and security.  The WillowWood One System may now be used as a suction socket.

Initially released for use only with elevated vacuum, WillowWood has been clinically testing the system with suction suspension for the past 10 months. The suction suspension version of the system is ideal for amputees who prefer less technical or complex options in their prostheses.

The WillowWood One System includes several components, such as a fabricless Alpha SmartTemp® Liner, a gel sock, a seal, and a removable brim, that work together to deliver reliable and secure suspension.

Certification is required to purchase and fit the WillowWood One System. For product and certification course information, contact WillowWood at 800.848.4930 or visit

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