WWO-190-OverviewGraphic2A transfemoral solution for vacuum suspension

Reliable vacuum suspension for transfemoral amputees has been elusive due to the difficulty of systems maintaining airtight seals. The WillowWood One System® provides a secure, comfortable, and straightforward vacuum solution for transfemoral amputees with no hoses, sleeves, or extra bulk required.

The system remains easy to don and doff and provides unparalleled comfort and security. During clinical testing, amputees repeatedly commented that they could put the system on at the start of their day and no longer needed to adjust their sockets repeatedly throughout their day. The second overwhelmingly reported feedback was that the airtight seal of the system did not break. Amputees could comfortably move (transition from sitting to standing, walk, run, ride a bicycle or motorcycle) with maintained vacuum, and did not experience any movement of the socket.

The WillowWood One System includes a fabricless Alpha SmartTemp® Liner, a gel sock, a seal, and a LimbLogic® system along with the definitive socket and removable brim. As is the norm, diagnostic sockets for this system are created and fit by clinicians. Once the diagnostic socket is fit however, the final, modified diagnostic socket is sent to WillowWood for the fabrication of the removable brim and the definitive socket. The definitive socket has a five-day lead time after receipt of the final diagnostic socket. This is a no-hassle process as shipping and socket fabrication are part of the WillowWood One System. By teaming the personal clinical service of our customers with WillowWood’s trained Custom Solutions team, clinicians and their patients can be certain of receiving an air-tight definitive socket.