Advanced socket technology for vacuum suspension—available for transtibial and transfemoral applications

Reliable suspension for transfemoral and transtibial amputees has been elusive due to the difficulty of systems maintaining airtight seals or having to reflect liners. The WillowWood One® System provides a secure, comfortable, and straightforward solution for amputees and allows for the option of elevated vacuum or suction suspension.

The WillowWood One System originated from a Veterans Administration grant that challenged WillowWood to develop an improved transfemoral socket system. In 2015, WillowWood One was launched, providing amputees with a socket system that was comfortable, controlled pistoning, and was more conducive to an active lifestyle. WillowWood has now adapted that socket technology to the clinical needs of transtibial amputees. Both versions of the WillowWood One system are easy to don and doff and provide unparalleled comfort and security.

During clinical testing, amputees repeatedly commented that they could put the system on at the start of their day and no longer needed to adjust their sockets repeatedly throughout their day. The second overwhelmingly reported feedback was that the airtight seal of the system did not break. Amputees could comfortably move (transition from sitting to standing, walk, run, ride a bicycle or motorcycle, etc.) with maintained vacuum, and they did not experience any movement of the socket. Transtibial amputees specifically reported that the system, with its internal sleeve, provided more knee flexion than they had experienced by using external sleeves.

Learn more about WillowWood One and hear testimonials from amputees. Regardless of the application, the WillowWood One System helps amputees live life to the fullest.