The WillowWood One System includes the choice of a fabricless Alpha SmartTemp Liner or Alpha Duo® Liner, the One Gel Sock, the One Seal, and an optional LimbLogic along with the definitive socket and removable brim. As is the norm, diagnostic sockets for this system are created and fit by clinicians. Once the diagnostic socket is fit however, the final, modified diagnostic socket is sent to WillowWood for the fabrication of the removable brim and the definitive socket. This is a no-hassles process as shipping and socket fabrication are part of the WillowWood One System. By teaming the personal clinical service of our customers with WillowWood’s specifically-trained Custom Solutions team, clinicians and their patients can be certain of receiving an air-tight definitive socket. The One System is available for use as elevated vacuum or as a suspension system.

Please note that certification is required in order to purchase and fit the WillowWood One System.
» Click here for a complete list of training/certification opportunities.


WillowWood One System


Alpha Liners

Two liner options are available for use with the WillowWood One System: the fabricless Alpha SmartTemp Liner or the Alpha Duo Liner.



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