Transtibial Specifications

The WillowWood One® Transtibial System includes the fabricless Alpha Duo® Liner, One Gel Sock, One Sleeve, Flexible Inner Socket, LimbLogic®, and One Link. As is the norm, diagnostic sockets for this system are created and fit by clinicians. Unlike the transfemoral system, clinicians may fabricate the WillowWood One TT system in their facilities, or they may select to have WillowWood fabricate. If WillowWood fabrication is desired, the final diagnostic socket is sent to WillowWood for the fabrication of the flexible inner socket and the definitive socket. This is a no-hassles process, as shipping and socket fabrication may be ordered as part of the WillowWood One TT System. The system is available for use with elevated vacuum or with suction suspension.

Before ordering the WillowWood One Transtibial System, clinicians should verify that their patient is a candidate for the system by using the chart below.


Certification is not required to purchase the WillowWood One Transtibial System. Attending an education course on the WillowWood One System is highly recommended. All WillowWood One education offerings cover both transfemoral and transtibial applications.

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WillowWood One Transtibial System




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Alpha Liner

The WillowWood One Transtibial System includes the fabricless Alpha Duo Liner.



One Sleeve




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